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I love writing and sharing about wall art and decor.

But like most people, I still have bills to pay!

But I also choose very carefully the products and business's that I promote.

Looking for art?

When it comes to art, I'd rather support the individual artists over larger department stores.

This is why I'm happy to recommend Canvas Freaks.

They give local artists a great platform for selling and exposing their talents, helping them to build a following.

Although I live in Australia and Canvas Freaks are an American company, I support them as they do everything in-house. From design to print, nothing is outsourced. This creates local employment, which is beneficial for any location in the world. It also means a high level of quality control.

They also ship Worldwide and have a fantastic range of art, from landscape to abstract. Plus, they do multi-panel prints.

Head over and have a browse around ...

canvas freaks

Looking for wallpaper?

As well as having a massive choice of quality papers, Walls Republic have nothing but good reviews.

They are also committed to the environment, to quote from their website:

" We at Walls Republic are not only committed to delivering sophisticated, high-end designs but we have made it a corporate standard to ensure all of our products meet our environmental standard. All of our products contribute to LEED, we have a Reclamation Program where old wallcovering is recycled no matter who the manufacturer is and all of our products are manufactured in an ISO 14001 certified facility and have received the IGI Quality Mark (International Wallcovering Manufacturers Association), meet IPPC (International Pollution Prevention Certificate) standards, and follow the latest REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals) developments.


  • With solvent free, water based inks and top coatings

  • With HAP (Hazardous Air Pollutant) free inks

  • Without lead, cadmium or mercury

  • Without flame retardants



  • State-of-the art incinerators that capture and burn all emissions produced during the production process. A by-product of this process is energy, which is used to power production machinery "


With Worldwide shipping, why not take a look at their huge range of papers ...

walls republic wallpaper.jpg

Home Decor and More

There's many home decor companies and well known brands.

But when I did the research, not naming any names, it surprised me how many had awful reviews. Sure, they paid decent commissions for an affiliate, but I wasn't happy to recommend them.

Casagear on the other hand have nothing but rave reviews. Not as high paying commissions, but they have a ton of luxury home decor and other goods which I'm pleased to recommend.

Casa Gear.jpg
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